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 Alcatel Hard Reset - removes the block, Fault Repair Software, Etc.

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PostSubject: Alcatel Hard Reset - removes the block, Fault Repair Software, Etc.   Sun Sep 09, 2012 5:05 am

Alcatel OT-908 is one of the new Android 2.2 phones Alcatel, it is
possible to restore factory settings whenever requierasn, but can be
done from the menu, but there are times when the phone is not responding
properly, works very slow or leisurely or forgotten user code, for
these cases can use a combination of buttons to delete dattos and
installed applications, this is not a factory borración, resets
everything as the day it was purchased, for Likewise respecting the data
stored in the memory card.

Procedure to hard reset Alcatel OT-908

Turn off your smartphone
Press the Vol + and power button simultaneously
Once you turn on the phone press the home key to enter the recovery system
With the volume keys scroll to wipe data / factory reset
Press the menu key to accept
Select Yes delete all user data
Press Menu to accept

Once the procedure is done another menu appears, select reboot system now, press menu and go.

Hard Reset Alcatel OT-710

A feature of recent models of Alcatel, is that almost everyone has some
kind of emergency reset, this is because in many cases to a function
that has the phone to customize shortcuts, sometimes impossible to
access mebu, however this vulnerability also allows us to reset the
phone in case you forget your user code.

Alcatel Touch & Go is still a very recent model, there is nothing
official support or instructions on how to reset this model, however we
can standardize some of the methods according to other models, so we
have two options:

1. Since this model is similar to One touch mini, we can try the hard
reset as follows: press vol -, we press and hold power and follow the
onscreen prompts, since the touch usually fails to reset, you must use
the volume keys or the call button (green button). (This is the method
that works for this model)

2. Trying Hard reset the OT-255, in this case press call and power simultaneously, follow the onscreen instructions.

Finally s neither worked métdos check just a matter of some combination
of keys that are not great because they are only the volume buttons,
call, power and camera.

After performing the hard reset the phone must be configured as standard with the code of alcatel 1234 defecate.

Alcatel OT-255 Reset

Alcatel OT-255 is perhaps the most peculiar cell seen in my life, a
phone with Qwerty keyboard tubeless diminutive size, try to reset it
with other models procedure but did not work, luckily discovered a way
to reset it in case you apply user code to turn on, then:

-Turn off your phone
-Press call button (green button) press and hold the power button (red button)
-If you've done everything to the letter a message appears on screen,
select or de reset with keys that are located just below the display


Once the process is complete will have restored the factory settings of the device.

Hard Reset Alcatel OT-980

Alcatel has entered the smartphone market and has done with Android, for
now only has the model OT-980 smartphone and like everything there is
to do a hard reset, then:

Turn off your mobile
Press R + Power button for a few seconds until you see the reset screen,
wait for it to realize the procedure and you can use your device again.

Remember the Hard Reset deletes everything stored on the device but not
in memory, if you have forgotten your user code this procedure is ideal
for you.

Hard Reset Alcatel OT-800

If you have a Alcatel One Touch Tribe locked with security code can restore the factory settings as follows:

1. - Simultaneously press * + #
2. - Without releasing press * + # power
3. - Resets and ready.

* Note: The majority of this combination Hard Reset They *

Master Reset Alcatel OT-708

To remove user code Alcatel OT-708A, do the following with the phone
off: Press and hold volume up and press Power dale If a message by
pressing Volume Up and ready your phone restarts and deletes the user

Master reset Alcatel OT-808

To reset your phone to factory defaults alcatel or delete user code you need is:

-Turn off the phone
-Press #
-Still holding # press power and wait out the warning window to reset the phone, give OK and wait.

This procedure applies to the following models:

OT-103A, OT-203A, OT-303A, OT-360A, OT-363A, OT-383A, OT-800

This procedure is useful when unconfigure the phone and can not access
the menu, also serves to restart the phone when you forget the security
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Alcatel Hard Reset - removes the block, Fault Repair Software, Etc.
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