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 Guide How To FLash : Update or Unbrick HTC android Phone .

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PostSubject: Guide How To FLash : Update or Unbrick HTC android Phone .    Mon Dec 31, 2012 9:08 am

This is a guide among many ones , it's possible that somethings are mess .
if so please correct it by comments below , just that could help us to
help others . every guide's first goal is to bring help , making things
easy for people . this guide intended to explain how to Update or
unbricked HTC android phone generally .
nothing mentioned there is new , I just brought the informations that
people don't have , or no have time to search or maybe didn't find even
in their research . let's go to essential :

Essential in Flashing a new Rom in HTC is that :

1 : an area where to get a Rom for Phone ( RUU )

a ) stock rom or Customized rom ?
it depend to what you need . but stock is always better for daily user .

b ) Official site to get latest Htc rom is [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] .
but alot of site also give such as [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] etc...

2 : Bypass Htc rom signature verification ( CID hacking ) S-on

each HTC phone belong to a region , and each region has it Rom .
HTC's not allowed to install RUU_Desire_EU in a DESIRE coming from USA .
unless the secuirity is tampered , luck some developers working for that .

to see phone Secuirity State it has to put in fastboot mode .

a ) S-ON meaning phone Secuirity is activated , so it can't be flashed with other region than it .
to allow other region rom phone has to S-OFF . every phone has it particular Method and tool.
but be quiet you could find phone S-off method on plenty of sites or on the tools developers website .
S-OFF process is also dangerous , you could brick you HTC so be wise when you are doing . read alot and search before .
S-OFF = Secuirity off , anythings can flashed

b ) what to do if S-OFF is not yet discovered by developers ?
it's is often common and sade that some htc S-OFF exploit take time or
never possible . humm little confused but as always there is alternative
way , wahooo too nice .
there are two methods to perform in this case , which are to find your
CID or created Gold card . finding Cid is to indentify Phone homeland by
typing some command in fastboot . fastboot is in ADB installed package.
Put phone in Fasboot , connect to pc , install driver open Fastboot on pc and type this :


fastboot getvar cid


result will show such as



( is for Orange France , so need orange France rom ) if you won't operator rom gold card is for you .
Gold Card is used to bypass Firmware signature verification what is performed during rom flashing .
if rom signature is no matche with phone CID flashing stop by giving an error . with Gold card not error will appear .
to creat a Gold card many methods and tools exist to perform that .

Tools can be used to creat is : XT Clip , HTC dongle , Micro etc ... but I didn't yet used one to do Gold Card .
the one I've used to creat Gold card is this metod below , all is explained in link just read and follow .

How to creat Gold card : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

youd need a working HTC Android Phone to perform this method ...

3 : finally , flashing step to get end the proced now

a ) RUU or Image file ?

there also it depend , RUU is easy way if phone is S-OFF or using Operator rom .
just Connect phone to pc via USB run Ruu.exe and follow Ruu.exe nstruction .

Image file is the rom Image , it is used for SD card flashing way .
Download RUU.exe right clik on it and extract it you will find a file in folder with xxx.img or xxx.nbh etc...
Copy xxx.img to the Gold Card created to perform the flashing . put sd card to phone .
reboot phone in fastboot with Gold card insided to start flashing phone . operation time depend of phone .
but be sure you have saw Succes or complete on screen before reboot phone , otherwise bricked .

ps : 100% of this guide have been tested by me , I can say it is my personal experiences I shared .
that meaning you have 99% of chance to solve your issues if you follow
correctly . 1% stay for the issues and solution are not relative .
maybe guide can't help you , but possible in 1% of cases .. no missed to comment , have fun .
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Guide How To FLash : Update or Unbrick HTC android Phone .
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