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 SE A2 Phones flashing with A2 uploader

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SE A2 Phones flashing with A2 uploader Empty
PostSubject: SE A2 Phones flashing with A2 uploader   SE A2 Phones flashing with A2 uploader Icon_minitimeFri Jun 15, 2012 9:51 am

Flashing phones is not risky as long as you follow this tutorial. Still,
do this at your own risk, I will not take responsibility in case you
kill your phone and not follow the procedure correct.

F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is A2uploader ?
A: It is a software for flashing SE A2 based phones with USB!

Q: Who made this software ?
A: It is made by the_laser - thnx to laser

Q: Which are A2 based phone? any list ?..
A: Here is list of supported A2 phones:

  • C Series: C510, C702, C901, C902, C903, C905
  • G Series: G502, G705
  • K Series: K630, K660, K850
  • T Series: T700, T707, T715
  • V Series: V640
  • W Series: W508, W595, W705, W715, W760, W890, W902, W910, W980, W995
  • Z Series: Z750, Z770, Z780
  • New SE phones: Jalou, Naite

Q: Why i need to flash phone ?
A: You can flash for Debrard - remove 3G,Vodafone logo etc, reset all
data you modded, upgrade to increase perfomance, and for any software
issue - blinking on sony logo, white light etc.

Q: Where to get A2 firmwares for A2 uploader?..
A: You can get firmwares from [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]. Also, You can search on google:

Q: Where to download A2 uploader?
A: You can download from here - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Q: Which firmware do I need? And how to check it is latest one?

A: The latest firmware always has the highest number/character combination. e.g. R3EA037 is newer than R3DA031.
If you want an unbranded phone you have to choose a generic firmware,
this will be stated in the name. For example K850_R1FA037_MAIN_GENERIC_RED52.
Always choose the right FS with your main firmware, these are the languages that are included in the different FS versions:

Regions and languages for A2 phones:

  • ADRIATIC en - sq - bg - hr - fr - de - el - it - ro - ru
  • AMERICA en - pb - cf - nl - fr - xl - es
  • APAC-ANZ en - nl - fr - de - ms - id - tl - th - vi - zs
  • BALTIC en - et - lv - lt - ru
  • C-ASIA en - ar - az - fa - kk - ru - tr - uk
  • CENTRAL-EUROPE en - bs - hr - de - cs - hu - pl - sr - sk - sl
  • CHINA en - zs
  • FRANCE en - fr
  • HONG-KONG en - zh
  • HUTCH-WORLD en - da - de - it - sv
  • ISRAEL en - ar - az - fa - fr - tl - he - hi - ru
  • JAMAICA en - pb - nl - fr - es
  • NORDIC en - sq - ar - hr - da - fi - is - no - sv - tr
  • ORANGE-CH-SI en - fr - it - de
  • ORANGE-SIGN en - eu - ca - nl - fr - gl - de - pl - ro - sk - es
  • RUSSIA en - ru
  • S-ASIA-LEVAN en - ar - az - bn - fa - fr - tl - he - hi - ru
  • S-CENTR-AFR en - ar - nl - fa - fr - ha - de - ig - st - yo - zu - pt
  • S-E-EUROPE en - sq - bg - hr - el - hu - mk - ro - ru - sr
  • TELEFONICA en - eu - ca - fr - gl - pt - es
  • TAIWAN en - zt
  • T-MOB-INT en - hr - cs - nl - de - hu - mk - pl - sk - tr
  • VFE-LIVE-A en - eu - ca - nl - fr - gl - de - it - pt - es
  • VFE-LIVE-B en - bg - hr - cs - de - el - hu - sl - ro
  • WESTERN-EUROPE en - eu - ca - nl - fr - gl - de - pt - es - tr

Your FS will be called K850_R1FA037_FS_HUTCH-WORLD_RED52. If you want
any other language, just search the FS version where your language is
included. Do not forget to download the right firmware for your phone.
Flashing wrong firmware can be dangerous and can kill phone.

You can see tutorial below:

- Be sure to have the USB drivers installed, run GG setup that comes with the A2uploader archive.
- Before we start your battery has to have enough power left, 50% or
more. Flashing with a low battery percentage can kill your phone.

Main screen:
This is the main screen of A2uploader. With the identify button you can
check your IMEI number, current firmware and device name.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Add the firmware:
Press the button add and select the main firmware file you just
downloaded, it must have a *.mbn extension. Now pres sok, you’re back on
the main screen and the firmware file is added to the box.
Again press add and now select your FS file, this file must have *.fbn extension.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Press flash: Press the flash button.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

- Now the program will ask you to hold C and connect your phone. Turn
off the phone, hold "C" and now insert the USB cable while holding the
"C" button. You can release the C button when new text appears in the
big box on the left.

- If holding C doesn't connect the phone connect while holding the 2 and 5 key, this applies for some A2 phone

- A2uploader will now flash the firmware. During this process do NOT disconnect your phone.

- After complete flashing process. A2 uploader will say “ready” at the
bottom when the flashing process is done, now you can safely disconnect
your phone from the USB cable.

- Now we have to add custom pack files to make phone work!
- You can get custompack from [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Q: How to write custom files?
A: Remove the two firmware files that are in the box and add the
custompack you have downloaded (still ZIPPED) to misc files with the “” button.

- Now press flash and connect the phone again holding C, like we did
before. Then wait till A2 uploader says “Ready’ again and disconnect.

That's all [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Special thnx to the_laser for making A2 uploader

P.S. Disable your AV software before downloading. the_laser uses
themidia encryption to prevent people stealing the sources and loaders
of his A2uploader. AV software recognises this as virus/trojan horse but
this is a false alarm. This software is completely safe.

BR[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
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SE A2 Phones flashing with A2 uploader
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